To start a Discussion on TOTA:

  • Click the "Join a Discussion" button at the top of the any TOTA page.
  • From the Discussion page, click the orange "Create Discussion" button.  This button will not be available to you if you are not logged in.
  • On the "Add Discussions" page, enter a Discussion Title and Description in the fields to the right.
  • All Discussions must be associated with a Group, and all Discussions will default to the Traditions of the Ancestors group.  You may change this selection to any Group of which you are a Member.
    • If you associate the Discussion with a Group, you may choose the "Group Access Only" box.  This will limit access to the Discussion to members of the Group. This allows you to have, for instance, a family discussion that is private to your family group.  Such a Discussion will not appear on the list of Discussions available from the "Join a Discussion" button unless the viewer is also a member of the group..
  • Click the "Start Discussion" button to create the Discussion!