Upload images on TOTA and create an extensive image library where you can save, post, or use images for future articles. 

  1. Go to https://www.tota.world.

  2. Login to TOTA.

  3. Click Media in the sidebar navigation.  It's below Your Account.

  4. On the Media page (https://www.tota.world/account/media/), click the orange Upload Media button

  5. This will direct you to the Upload Image page (https://www.tota.world/upload-image) where you can select the file or files to upload. If you are uploading multiple images at once, they will need to be in the same folder on your computer. Images in different folders will need to be uploaded in multiple uploading sessions.

  6. Click Upload Image. Sometimes this process takes a moment, so please be patient!

  7. When the upload is complete, you will be at the Edit Media page. Fill out the image details in the fields provided.  The more complete this meta-data, the easier it is for your image to appear in relevant searches.

  8. Don't forget to Save the info!  Your image(s) will be visible on the Media page.