If you have an existing article you would like to upload to TOTA, use these Upload Article instructions instead of creating a new Article.

  1. Go to https://www.tota.world.
  2. Log-in to your TOTA account.

  3. In the sidebar navigation, click on Articles. (https://www.tota.world/account/articles/).

  4. Click Upload Article to the left of the Create Article button at the top of the page.

  5. This will direct you to the Upload Word Doc page (https://www.tota.world/upload-doc) where you can choose your article for uploading.  The Upload Word Doc page only accepts files with .doc or .docx extensions.

  6. When finished, click Upload Article.  Sometimes this process takes a moment, so please be patient!

  7. You will be directed to the Edit Article page where you may edit your article before submission.  

  8. Next, fill out the informational section on the right hand side. Click the “+” next to each section header (Cultures, Topics, etc.) to add meta-data to your article.  The more complete the meta-data, the easier it is for your article to appear in relevant searches.

  9. Click the Save Article button at the top of the page to save your edits.

  10. You can access your article by going to the Articles page under Your Account.  You can edit your article from there as needed.

  11. You can also view your article from your main profile page. Click View Profile, located under your profile name and image icon at the top of the sidebar.  You will be directed to your profile page where your published articles will automatically display as tiles below.