To write an article:

  1. Go to

  2. Login to your TOTA account.

  3. Locate the sidebar navigation and click on Create Article.  Alternatively, you can click on Articles (below Your Account in the sidebar) and then click on the large Create Article button on the Article page (

  4. Either path will direct you to the Add Article page ( where you can then create your article.  Enter the article title and content in the fields provided.

  5. Once you start adding text content to your article, you’ll be able to add an Image.  Note that the first image you include in the article will be extracted to appear as the "Featured Image" at the top of the article page next to the article title and will be used in the Tile for the article.  It will not appear in the flow of the article body.

  6. To add an image, use the "Insert an Image" tool by clicking on the the icon at the right side of the toolbar.  From the image picker window, you can either upload an image or select a previously uploaded image.

    1. To upload an image, use the orange Upload Image button at the right side of the modal window. Then use the next window to select an image from your computer. Once it's uploaded, you'll be able to select it and add it to your article. The image will also appear in your Media page.

    2. To select a previously uploaded image, use the filters at the left side of the image picker modal to filter the image database.  You can narrow it to only images you have uploaded by using the "Your Images" checkbox.  Or you can search TOTA's Image Library by filtering by culture, topic, or keyword.  

    3. Select your image by clicking on it.  Use the Add Image button that will appear on the right side of the modal window to insert the image into your article.

    4. To add multiple images, you'll need to add them one at a time and add some text between each one.  Once the images have been added, you can then delete the text between them, if desired.  It's not ideal; we're working on improving this work flow.

  7. When you have entered your article, don't forget to fill out the informational section on the right hand side. Click the “+” next to each section header (Cultures, Topics, etc.) to add meta-data to your article.  The more complete the meta-data, the easier it is for your article to appear in relevant searches.

  8. When finished, click the Save Article button at the top of the page.
  9. You can access your article by going to the Articles page under Your Account.  You can edit your article from there as needed.

  10. You can also view your article from your main profile page. Click View Profile, located under your profile name and image icon at the top of the sidebar.  You will be directed to your profile page where your published articles will automatically display as tiles below.